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  • Luxury Air Conditioned Salons
  • Household name in the town for over 80 years
  • Fantastic Refreshments
  • Receptionist to cater for all of your needs
  • Specialist Creative Barber Shelly Chester
  • NVQ Training Centre of Excellence
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Attentive team of happy people
  • Well trained team of stylists
  • Polish speaking staff

About Us

The Johnsons Family business started in Warrington in 1946.
Three generations later the business continues to grow with an abundance of young talented hairdressers.

Our focus is to provide a excellent service and top quality hairdressing to our clients everyday.

Enjoy the experience.

Our Locations

51 Sankey Street, Warrington
Cheshire, WA1 1SL
Telephone: (01925) 630 246

46 Walton Road, Stockton Heath
Cheshire, WA4 6NL
Telephone: (01925) 262 426